Pet Mini GPS Locator


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1. Instant mode = fast mode: WKMD, 1,30 (tracking when using the device in real time, upload data every 30s, upload frequency 30s-120s)
2. Power saving mode = ROLL call mode: WKMD, 2, 0 (when the device is not in use, use the mode to upload data through APP ROLL Call FUNCTION)
3. Power saving mode = exercise upload mode: WKMD, 3, 10 (upload data every 10 minutes of exercise, can be changed from 10 minutes to 1440 minutes).
4. Upload mode time = upload time: WKMD, 4, 4 (the time interval is 1 hour to 24 hours, and data is uploaded every 4 hours).

Product information:

Material: ABS
Memory: 5 (M)
GPS positioning accuracy: 5 (meters)
Alarm mode: vibration alarm, movement alarm, fence alarm, overspeed alarm
Dimensions: 48mm x 32mm x 20mm (mm)
Battery type: polymer battery
Battery life: 480 (hours)
Waterproof function: life waterproof
Antenna type: built-in
External power supply: USB charging
Map function: Baidu Google Gaode
Resolution: 0
Interface text: Chinese and English

Packing list:
Pet locator*1

Weight 220.00 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 85 × 30 cm





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